Tuesday, February 17, 2009

runaway love

It was so nice having a three-day weekend. Thank the lord for having ex-presidents worth commemorating with a day off! I saw the movie Friday the 13th with my friends on Friday. Not exactly Oscar-worthy, let's just put it that way. Too much random nudity for a horror film? Haha, anyways it was a nice way to start off the weekend. Saturday night I went to a Bar Mitzvah. Haven't been to one in years, so that was fun.

Sunday was THE best. Yay for all-day adventures! It started off with some usual shennanigans, and breakfast at Milk on Beverly, which I DEFINITELY recommend. Then we headed to the Fairfax Flea Market where we had some awkward encounters and I picked up a vintage flannel shirt for $8 and some really cute necklaces from a vendor called the Flea Market Girl.

cute, right?

Next stop was none other than LACMA, where we danced around and looked at some pretty cool artwork in the new Contemporary Art building. AAAHHH. I officially love Jeff Koons. ART IS AWESOME. I really wish I was more artistic, but all I can do is appreciate its beauty. No art school for me. Which reminds me. Speaking of school, I AM SO STRESSED OUT. Ugh. I have to take SAT's soon, not to mention start looking at and applying to colleges. I hope I don't die of stress, if that's even possible.

Inside of some massive sculpture.
oodles and oodles of toodles. <3
k. i think im done now.

fashion weak

Hello. I am back from a mini-hiatus. SORRY! I've been so bad with posting, I just haven't gotten around to it with so much going on! Which is not to say that I haven't been staying up-to-date with everything, I sometimes just lack the creative genius that I usually put into my blog posts. :) With the Spring '09 shows currently underway in New York, I definitely have to agree with Tavi and say that I am as Michael Kors likes to say, "underwhelmed." Too bad I can't see it for reals. As for now, Style's just gotta do I guess...

I liked the Karen Walker collection which had a sort of 1940's era theme to it, with models donning trenchcoats and red lips reminiscent of years past.

These prints are amazing.

I am still in love with the tights trend and I love how they're so perfectly integrated into the collection. It really makes each piece extremely versatile.

UPDATE: Ok, ok. Jil Stuart's collection was pretty awesome. AKA rockstar-status. Which is pretty fitting, since the theme of her collection was "iconic women of music."

Ummmm, these shoes make me pretty much make me drool. Good thing I have a pair that look just like them, so no drastic measures will have to be taken. At least for now.

dolly out. more later. i promise to give update on life.
p.s. - keep the comments coming, I love to hear what you have to say! <3

Saturday, February 7, 2009

let them eat cake!

After watching Sofia Coppola's movie Marie Antoinette, I have become infatuated with all things French, specifically the culture during infamous dauphine's time period. During my one of my routine Fashionista distraction sessions, I came upon this article. Basically, Christian Louboutin aka the God of Shoes has teamed up with the famed French embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage of the House of Lesage to create 36 limited edition (yes, you read that number right) pairs inspired by Marie Antoinette herself. Toooooo bad I don't have the $6,295 that each pair costs.

Must. Have. Shoes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

white out

Ugh. Today was the absolute worst day. Things just went from bad to worse, and on top of that it's raining cats and dogs. No, not literally. Not even Chanel could cheer me up.
Feast for the eyes:

These paper hair adornments, done by a Japanese hairdresser named Kamo, are simply amazing. I sense a DIY project gone terribly wrong in my future...

The tweed detailing is just gorgeous.

Aaah, Karl. Why are you so amazing?
photos: Style

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


photo credit: JAK & JIL

I'm obsessed with these gorgeous Givenchy peep-toe booties as seen during S/S '08 fashion week in New York. While at this current moment Givenchy is not exactly in my budget, I found these suppaaaa cute Steve Madden booties. I like them because they're round-toe as opposed to open which keep my little toes warm during winter. Not that style is ever practical anyways. Haha. Granted, the quality isn't exactly up to par with that of haute couture, but I think these will do for the time being. or at least until i get sick of wearing them.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

happy valentines day.

Prada at ShopStyle

will someone be my valentine?
i'll take this over chocolate any day.

tabula rasa

hello there.
i suppose you are all wondering what this blog entails. well, its basically a melting pot of everything that goes on in my wonderfully exciting sub-urban life. im going to use this blog as a medium to get my thoughts out of the mess that's referred to as my brain and onto cyberspace. will also contain the ramblings , rantings , and ravings through the mind of a seventeen-year-old who aspires to be more than what was destined for her.

stay tuned.