Wednesday, February 4, 2009


photo credit: JAK & JIL

I'm obsessed with these gorgeous Givenchy peep-toe booties as seen during S/S '08 fashion week in New York. While at this current moment Givenchy is not exactly in my budget, I found these suppaaaa cute Steve Madden booties. I like them because they're round-toe as opposed to open which keep my little toes warm during winter. Not that style is ever practical anyways. Haha. Granted, the quality isn't exactly up to par with that of haute couture, but I think these will do for the time being. or at least until i get sick of wearing them.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle


  1. Wow, well done for finding such a good copy-cat style.

    Good luck with your blog! You are of to a great start. If you want I'll link to you in my fave blogs, we could do an exhange maybe?

    Chrisitna x

  2. seriously who doesn't love the givenchy birdcage shoes?

  3. very cute. shoes... how i love you shoes
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  4. i love those shoes!

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