Tuesday, February 17, 2009

runaway love

It was so nice having a three-day weekend. Thank the lord for having ex-presidents worth commemorating with a day off! I saw the movie Friday the 13th with my friends on Friday. Not exactly Oscar-worthy, let's just put it that way. Too much random nudity for a horror film? Haha, anyways it was a nice way to start off the weekend. Saturday night I went to a Bar Mitzvah. Haven't been to one in years, so that was fun.

Sunday was THE best. Yay for all-day adventures! It started off with some usual shennanigans, and breakfast at Milk on Beverly, which I DEFINITELY recommend. Then we headed to the Fairfax Flea Market where we had some awkward encounters and I picked up a vintage flannel shirt for $8 and some really cute necklaces from a vendor called the Flea Market Girl.

cute, right?

Next stop was none other than LACMA, where we danced around and looked at some pretty cool artwork in the new Contemporary Art building. AAAHHH. I officially love Jeff Koons. ART IS AWESOME. I really wish I was more artistic, but all I can do is appreciate its beauty. No art school for me. Which reminds me. Speaking of school, I AM SO STRESSED OUT. Ugh. I have to take SAT's soon, not to mention start looking at and applying to colleges. I hope I don't die of stress, if that's even possible.

Inside of some massive sculpture.
oodles and oodles of toodles. <3
k. i think im done now.

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  1. i love how the three of you all have matching ray-bans .
    you look so chic !

    lovely !