Thursday, February 5, 2009

white out

Ugh. Today was the absolute worst day. Things just went from bad to worse, and on top of that it's raining cats and dogs. No, not literally. Not even Chanel could cheer me up.
Feast for the eyes:

These paper hair adornments, done by a Japanese hairdresser named Kamo, are simply amazing. I sense a DIY project gone terribly wrong in my future...

The tweed detailing is just gorgeous.

Aaah, Karl. Why are you so amazing?
photos: Style


  1. hope your day gets better :)

    and yes i live in gh!

  2. you're very sweet. i graduated from kennedy in 04. and csun in 08. what school do you go to?

    good luck with blogging. enjoy it, its alot of fun!

  3. how are you dear? I hope you're feeling better :( there is nothing worse than a bad day, you know? <3 *hugs*

    These photos are gorgeous they def remind me why I love fashion so much! Just classic beauty.

    Anyway I hope your day has gotten better!
    <3 cheer up beautiful!

  4. The hairpieces are brilliant, and SO IS THE DRESS IN THE SECOND PICTURE I'm so in love haha

  5. That white dress is just divine!

    And yes, the paper headdresses are beautiful, but definatly wouldn't be any good in the rain!
    Lots of love Christina

  6. Oh love you long time.
    xx-LJ from SOS!